One of the biggest stumbling blocks in terms of undergoing a painting/waterproofing project is the large capital outlay required to undertake the job.

Thorn has partnered with a market leading service provider that offers significant value propositions to our clients countrywide. Sectional Title Solutions (Pty) Ltd (“STS”) is focused on providing value add solutions to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and gated estates, including arrear levy debt and project funding, fibre to the home, solar and efficient energy and outdoor media solutions, as well as various other beneficial services.

Solutions provided to our Sectional Title and Homeowner Association clients include:

• Innovative arrear levy and project funding solutions
• State of the art Fibre to the Home solutions
• Unique cost saving efficient energy and solar solutions
• Revenue generating outdoor media and advertising solutions
• Levy collection and legal monitoring services and solutions for unit owners, Trustees and Administrators

Their core focus is to provide a sustainable value added solution that will benefit all unit owners and stakeholders, reducing inefficient costs and generating much needed revenue for Bodies Corporate and gated estates, in order to ultimately ensure financial sustainability and protect the unit owner’s value of their investment in their property.


STS specialises in facilitating loan funding to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, offering various lending solutions to clients that have underlying levy debtor problems, or require funding for municipal arrears, maintenance and / or capital projects, but whose unit owners cannot immediately raise the necessary upfront cash. Funding extended by STS, utilising our lending model, assists:

• Bodies Corporate to maintain their obligations required by the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act;
• The Body Corporate’s financial position, preventing unit owners who pay their levies from subsidising their non-paying co-owners; and
• Bodies Corporate in offering their non-paying unit owners debt rehabilitation opportunities so as to protect their home ownership and to avoid expensive legal costs.

STS offers flexible funding terms, including:

• Repayment terms of between 12 and 60 months for project funding (terms longer than 60 months will be assessed on a case by case basis);
• Interest servicing versus interest capitalising terms for arrear levy funding; and
• Repayment flexibility and capital moratoriums.

If you would like more information, please visit their website – www.stsolutions.co.za – or contact them on (011) 977 1977 or email info@stsolutions.co.za.



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