Painting Companies – Finding a Paint Contractor

Improving the home is a desire for many homeowners out there. It’s also a necessity for commercial property owners. An obstacle facing many folks in this regard is finding the right paint contractor to get it done. This can be a difficult task, especially if you haven’t used paint contractors before.

The truth of the matter is, painting contractors often get a bad rap. While many painting companies are great at what they do, there are as many out there look for a quick buck. This, while the painting contractor does a poor job. This often leaves you with your home or office looking even worse!

To make sure you get the right contractor, follow the right steps! Here, we’ve assembled a list of essentials to look out for.

Paint Tray

The market is full of paint contractors. Your task is to find the one that will do the job right!

Researching Paint Contractors

There is a wealth of options available when it comes to paint contractors. Yet, there’s also no guarantee that the paint contractor you use will be reputable. Especially not without due diligence on your part.

There are several ways you can search for the right painting contractor:

  • Friends, family, and work colleagues’ referrals and recommendations.
  • Popular sites that provide reviews (Google listings, Hello Peter, etc.).
  • Magazines and newspaper listings.

Usually, painting contractors that have better reviews are good choices. These are the contractors you will want to go for. They are the most likely to care about your needs.

Painting Contractor Quotations

After narrowing it down to a few painting companies, it’s time to get quotes. For larger projects, such as an office block, more quotes are better. You’re looking for value from your paint contractor. As such, the lowest price isn’t likely to include good quality.

Don’t be afraid of some competitive spirit, either. This will serve to possibly lower your quoted price at the end of the day. Send quotes you receive from different paint contractors to each other. Many painting contractors are willing to lower their prices to secure you as a client.

Interview the Painting Contractors

Often, people end up being unhappy with the job their paint contractor finished. This is often due to the hirer not asking the right questions. This is essential before deciding between painting companies. Ask as many relevant questions as you can when speaking to them!

If you’ve reached this point, you’ve likely found reputable paint contractors. Be sure to ask them tough questions, too! You want someone who knows what they’re doing. This is about more than just about the lowest price. Your painting contractor needs to deliver quality.

Paint Bucket

You may end up disappointed with the work that the contractor completed for you. Always interview them before you choose them!

Get References

Before making a final decision between your painting companies, check references. You want someone with experience and a large portfolio. Press your paint contractor for as many references as possible!

Any paint contractors claiming experience must back it up with references. Your painting contractor should also make them easily available. References are one of the best ways to determine a good contractor.

Having done what’s needed, you can finally select between painting contractors. You’ll also know which paint companies to recommend to your friends and family!

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